Amir Aliakbar

Summer Law Student

Amir joined MBM in May 2024 as a summer law student.

Amir is an Electrical & Software Engineer. He worked in the software and defence industry before pursuing a legal career. He has extensive knowledge in software development, design and Cloud architecture (AWS), specifically (CI/CD). He has expertise in integrated circuit design and fabrication and worked in a circuit fab workshop.

He graduated from McGill University with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering and an option in biomedical instrumentation.

Outside of work, Amir finds joy in various activities. He is an avid Chess player and enjoys swimming. His love for nature is evident in his leisurely walks and runs in Gatineau Park.


  • BSc, Electrical Engineering - Concordia University
  • MSc, Electrical Engineering - McGill University
  • JD Candidate, Common Law Program -  University of Ottawa

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