Claire Palmer, Ph.D.

Senior Patent Agent

Claire drafts and prosecutes patents in a broad range of technologies, including biotechnology, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, biology, molecular biology, bioremediation, bioinformatics, biological wastewater treatment and other "green" technologies. Claire also has expertise in the Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations, particularly on issues relating to patent claim eligibility for listing patents and issues relating to the Patented Medicines Price Review Board.

Claire’s experience in the fields of scientific research revolves around projects relating to bacterial DNA repair, chromatin remodelling, transcriptional regulation and myogenesis. The latter project specifically included analyzing the changes to histone modifications that occur during muscle differentiation and the role of ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling motors in myogenesis.

Her expertise extends to a variety of scientific techniques, including a wide range of molecular biology, gene arrays, transcriptional assays and cell culture techniques.

Claire is a registered patent agent in Canada and has limited recognition to represent Canadians in patent matters before the USPTO. Her practice also extends to assisting in patent litigation matters.

In her spare time, Claire is an avid year-round cyclist who enjoys exploring the world on her bike.


  • Hon. B.Sc., Biology, McMaster University

  • M.Sc., Microbiology, McMaster University

  • Ph.D., Molecular Biology, McMaster University


  • Patent strategy, drafting and prosecution

Technology AREA

  • Biotech
  • Chemical
  • Pharma
  • Bioremediation

Professional Involvement

  • Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC)

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