Natalie Ostrom

Senior Paralegal & Client Finance Specialist

Natalie Ostrom is a Senior Paralegal with the firm’s Patent Prosecution Team. She corresponds regularly with clients and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and is involved in preparing and filing new Canadian National Phase Entries and Direct filings, Declaration and Assignment submissions, payment of maintenance fees, prior art submissions, and voluntary amendments. She also works as a Client Finance Specialist with MBM’s finance team, preparing monthly client invoices.

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Patent Agent

Poonam’s focuses on the drafting and prosecution of pharmaceutical, chemical, biochemical, petrochemical, and polymer patent applications around the world.
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Clarifications to the Data Protection Guidance Document

Health Canada recently announced that section 2.1 of its Guidance Document re: Data Protection has been amended to clarify that the prior approval of a medicinal ingredient in a drug for veterinary use will not preclude the granting of data protection for a drug for...Read More